Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator 


My goal is to support the development of culturally intelligent leaders and teams in business, government and the not-for-profit communities by coaching and facilitating conversations about how our differences make us stronger.


Our workplaces, professions, communities and business relationships are diverse in many ways. Lets talk about how our generations, gender, nationality, cultural heritage and lived experience can be understood, accepted and used for the good of your organization or clients. 

Becoming more self and culturally aware can increase our capability to work in this environment of diversity.

As a Certified CQ Facilitator partnering with the Cultural Intelligence Center I share the mission: To Build Bridges and Remove Barriers for Working and Relating Across Cultures. 

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as the capability to function effectively across cultural contexts.

CQ assesses and develops four key capabilities:

·       Drive: your interest, drive and confidence to adapt to multicultural situations

·       Knowledge: your understanding about how cultures are similar and different

·       Action: your ability to adapt when relating and working in intercultural settings

·       Strategy: your awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions


CQ is supported by valid and reliable research and provides a coherent framework that can predict performance for developing the capacity to work within diverse cultural contexts.


  • The Cultural Values Profile measures your cultural values as they compare to global values. Ideal for self-awareness, cross cultural team building and the integration of new hires into existing teams.

  • Cultural Intelligence Assessment (Individual and Multi-rater) assesses your awareness and confidence in the four CQ Capabilities: Drive, Knowledge, Action and Strategy. Excellent for developing multicultural teams, preparing for international leadership assignments and inclusion initiatives.


  • One to One Coaching to explore your Cultural Values and Capabilities

  • Full or Half day workshops that explore Cultural Intelligence with your team or larger organization

  • Keynote or Lunch and Learn presentations to introduce Cultural Intelligence

  • Unconscious Bias Workshops to explore and change the limiting and empowering  impact of our Cultural Values and life experiences in our relationships with others


Explore These Possibilities

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