Coach super-Vision

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Lets meet together to see your coaching with many lenses

I describe Coach super-Vision as ‘a time out’ for exploring your coaching experience to gain deeper understanding of ‘what is going on’ in the inter-relationships of client, coach, organization and the world we live in.

It is like two people sitting together and discussing a story at great depth to understand its meaning more fully!

Coach super-Vision offers compassionate collaboration, perspective, and a safe environment to engage in a relationship dedicated to the growth of the coach as a person.


As a coach super-Visor my goal is to partner with each coach to reflect on your coaching practice.

We talk about you as a coach who brings your entire self to each conversation. While this could involve uncovering limitations, biases or blind spots that unconsciously influence how you are relating to your client; it will also affirm and expand your strengths as a coach.


Our work together will explore your coaching mindset, deepen your self-awareness, and connect you to your coaching presence.

Coach super-Vision is recognized by the International Coach Federation for up to 10 Continuing Education Credits per credential certification renewal cycle.

Coach Super-Vision is not Mentor Coaching (Mentor Coaching focuses on your demonstration of the ICF Coaching Competencies) Super-Vision focuses on you as a person in relationship with your client. This is the foundation of how you live the coaching competencies!

Let’s connect to explore what Coach super-Vision can do for you and your clients!






Some feedback from coaches

The spaciousness of my super vision with Brian, and his great sensitivity to what was emerging in me, enabled me to find new territory in my Self, and in my work with clients.  I really valued our work together. Fi Macmillan