Next Cohort Starts May 4, 2021

Sharpening my Coaching Competency

Mentor Coaching Opportunity

Participant Feedback

Brian and Gail, the perfect combination of mentor coaches, offer both a supportive, safe space while also providing insightful, up to date (with ICF) comments and feedback to help you develop and take your coaching to the next level. They truly appreciate each person's individual approach and cater to your style while also ensuring ICF best practice. I consider their support now part of my developmental toolkit to make my coaching even more impactful now and into the future. Thank you for your big hearts, savvy insights and encouraging and supportive feedback.

Heather Peters, MER, ACC, IPMA‑CP

Impact Coaching and Consulting

Please contact us if you need more information:

Gail Boone CEC PCC: 902.497.8650

Brian Duggan CEC PCC: 902.221.5864

Coaches……Is this for you?


  • Are you needing Mentor Coaching to facilitate your application to ICF for a coaching credential?

  • Are you renewing your ACC?

  • Are you wanting to explore your growing edges to take your coaching to the next level?


The ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements


The ICF requires that all applicants for credential (ACC, PCC, MCC) have 10 hours of mentor coaching. Applicants renewing their ACC must have an additional 10 hours of mentor coaching.


Mentor Coaching should take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice. It must be completed before the applicate date for the credential or renewal.


At least three of the hours must be individual mentor coaching. Up to seven hours can be completed in a group coaching arrangement.


The credential application requires information about the mentor coach, and the timeframe and number of hours of the of the mentor coaching.


While the applicant is not required to submit documentation of the mentor coaching with the application, there is requirement for confirmation if asked.




COVID 19 has created challenges and opportunities for coming together in a meaningful way to

explore what matters to us. Mentor coaching according to the ICF consists of “coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process.”   Engaging with us in a virtual environment where we can observe and document (as necessary) coaching competencies meets the ICF requirements for mentor coaching.


We are pleased to invite you join us in a virtual community to experience mentor coaching designed in a way to create openness and provide the opportunity for immediate feedback regarding coaching competency and effectiveness so as to increase your capability in coaching. 


The Details


Introduction Session  May 4, 2021 4-5:30 AST

Bi weekly Group Mentor Coaching Sessions   May 18, June 1 & 15, 2021 4-6 AST                 


One on One Mentor Coaching Sessions                             

Arranged individually with your mentor coach


Group and Individual Mentor Coaching sessions on Zoom


You and your co-participants are: 

  • Committed to engaging in exploring your strengths and growing edges as a professional coach.

  • Open to authentically support others to deepen their coaching capacity.

  • Committed to become certified at the ACC or PCC level.


What is in it for you?


  • Group mentor coaching sessions that will include 4 opportunities to focus on your coaching with feedback documented by our team for your file and credential renewal application.

  • Three individual mentor coaching sessions with each documented by our team for your file and credential renewal application.

  • A focused experience with a maximum of 10 participants.

  • A safe community coaching experience, that offers a unique opportunity to dive into the core competencies for deeper understanding and sharpening your skill.

  • Growing your coaching peer community.


Learning Objectives


  • Gain insight into your coaching capability, competence and practice.

  • Experience the richness of collaborative feedback with colleagues identifying  your coaching brilliance.

  • Meet mentor coaching requirements for new and ICF renewal applications.


How you can contribute to the experience


  • Commit to being present and participate in all sessions

  • Agree to be coached and coach colleagues and the team

  • Be courageous and open to receiving and providing feedback from co-participants


Professional fees


10 hours group (7) and individual (3) Mentor Coaching to meet ICF requirements: $1,500.00 + HST (15%) payable by etransfer or PayPal.

Register before April 1, 2021 and receive a 10% discount




The Team



Gail is a natural coach and facilitator. She brings integrity, curiosity, passion and compassion to her work to create opportunities where people can courageously discover and live their best self whether that be through coaching, leadership and organizational development, or equine facilitated learning and coaching.  She has extensive experience coaching executives and other leaders in the public, private and not for profit sectors.


Gail is a Mentor Coach who has supported others to develop their professional capacity and continues to work with coaching colleagues invested in growing their coaching competence.


She is a life-long learner and has completed the Royal Roads University Graduate Certificates in Executive Coaching and Mentor Coaching.  Gail has completed two advanced equine facilitated coaching programs one from the Academy of Coaching with Horses and the other from EponaQuest Worldwide and is certified as an EponaQuest Instructor.  She is a PCC and member of the International Coaching Federation.



A seasoned Coach, Brian brings a high level of presence, focus, curiosity and compassion to supporting leaders at all levels to find solutions to management and leadership issues. Brian’s approach is person centered, presence based, strategic, and respectful of cultures, diversity and both organization and employee objectives. His extensive experience coaching Executives and other leaders in the private and public sectors has resulted in leadership and career development for emerging leaders and with those who desire to achieve greater career growth.


Brian is a Mentor Coach who has supported coaching students developing new coaching capacity and engaged with experienced coaches as they deepen their coaching capacity.


A life-long learner, he has completed the Royal Roads University Graduate Certificates in Executive Coaching and Advanced Coaching Practices. He is a Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator; certified to use The Leadership Circle and Insights Discovery as well as several other personality and team assessments. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Please contact us if you need more information:

Gail Boone CEC PCC: 902.497.8650

Brian Duggan CEC PCC: 902.221.5864

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