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Coaching from the Inside Out: A personal approach to coaching for change is an invitation to explore what I believe it means to be a coach. I hope that this exploration will help you to find meaning in whatever you do.
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Reader Feedback


Your framework for the book is wonderful. I love the elements you chose for Touchstones, the simple elegance of the coaching conversation, and the way you explored personal growth and self awareness. … a must read for coaches who are committed to the journey of "earning the right" to coach. Carollyne Conlin, MCC


A very thoughtful read, a new standard on showing vulnerability and providing insight. N. Jennery, Feed Nova Scotia

Smart, thoughtful contents. [...] It’s a substantial book! M. Daigle-Leblanc, CEC PCC

... it’s different. I’ve read a lot of books about coaching and this one touches on aspects of our being that are not often talked about or explained to the degree that you’ve chosen to explain them ... and we need to talk about them. Gail Boone, PCC


I found it was a gentle reminder to be whole and present for clients, in whatever capacity we see them. Thanks!' Ruth Duggan, Cornerstone Occupational Therapy

Brian's book is a gift to anyone who is considering a career in coaching. In part 1, he presents foundational information on coaching from a person-centred process - what are your ethics, self-care practices, worldviews, spirituality etc. and presents questions for self-reflection. Part 2 integrates this foundation into the coaching dialogue. He also provides context by including his own personal stories and life examples. It's both thought-provoking and inspiring. For anyone new to coaching, the book impresses the tremendous responsibility and honor that coaches have while working with clients, while at the same time, makes the field of coaching accessible to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and make an impact on others. As a coaching client, I can attest to the talent and skill that Brian brings to the industry and to the clients that have the privilege of working with him. Highly recommend this book! Rosanne Burke


Coaching from the Inside Out is a simple yet powerful playbook for anyone looking to improve their own self-awareness in a way that supports personal growth and enables better interaction with others. This book is not just for aspiring coaches – it is a guide for anyone wanting to reflect on their own personal values to help understand who they are and what they stand for. Chris Duggan, Procurement Professional

... reading your book, even though I am not a coach, made me reflect on how I work with my clients and how I can use some of your approaches to improve my service to them.  I believe your book is about more than being a good coach, it is about being a good mentor, colleague, boss and person overall.  Nora Perry

I love Brian’s vulnerability in this book. His ability to provoke thought and invite us to deepen our self-awareness with practical reflective activities provides the opportunity to make a big impact on how we decide to show up as coaches but also in any relationship. I highly recommend this book whether you are a coach, thinking about being a coach or want to deepen your self awareness to show up your best self in your relationships. Amanda Penney CPHR

A very good read inviting the reader to reflect on their history and the 'makeup' of their interior life and its expression in the here and now with directions towards change. Robert Henman

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