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A sample of my  recent reading


The Empathy Effect, Helen Riess

Pause for Breath, Amanda Ridings

More Time to Think: The Power of Independent Thinking, Nancy Kline


Presence-Based Coaching, Doug Silsbee

Immunity to Change, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

Coaching for Performance, Sir John Whitmore


Coaching with the Brain in Mind, David Rock and Linda J. Page

Coaching Evoking Excellence in Others, 3rd Edition, James Flaherty

Humble Inquiry, Edgar H. Schein


Intercultural Capability

Headwinds A personal story to spark corporate diversity conversations, Helga Evelyn Samuel

The Cultural Intelligence Difference, David Livermore

Global Dexterity, Andy Molinsky

Coaching Across Cultures, Philippe Rosinski


Personal Development

Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision, Elaine Patterson

The Overtone Effect, Jan Carley


Unlocking Leadership Mind Traps: How to Thrive in Complexity, Jennifer Garvey Berger


Blind Spot Hidden Biases of Good People, Mahzarin R. Banaji, Anthony G. Greenwald


The Art of Living, Thich Nhat Hanh


The Places That Scare You, Pema Chodron


Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

The Introvert Advantage, Marti Olsen Laney

Leadership Development

Humble Leadership: The power of relationships. openness, and trust, Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein

Who do we choose to be?, Margaret J. Wheatley


Mastering Leadership An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results, Robert J. Anderson, William A. Adams


Leading with Cultural Intelligence, David Livermore


Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee


Quiet Leadership, David Rock


Leading with Soul, Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal 


An Everyone Culture, Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey




Think Again, Adam Grant

Driven by Difference, David Livermore


Presence Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski and Flowers

Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman