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When Brian is your coach, get ready for big shifts. Some expected. Others will surprise you.  Brian is a trusted partner who will lean in, listen hard, probe deep & patiently provoke you into stepping into extraordinary possibilities."


Annette Martell, ACC, CEC -- Executive Coach & Change Strategist

I have had the pleasure to meet Brian through the ICF coaching program. He has been my coach for over 6 sessions, and all I can say is that it has been a great experience working with him. If you are looking for someone who will challenge you, encourage you to go beyond what is possible, then Brian is the person...

Brian supported me during a professional transition, helped me to solve my ethical dilemma regarding how I can sell my services without being misunderstood

I highly recommend working with Brian, his calm and being so centred is contagious!!


  • Joana Visa, PhD, ACC, CTPC, CAE, Spain


I have known Brian for over ten years and his coaching and mentor ship have been instrumental in my career growth. Brian is the person I trust and confide in the most because I know I will get an objective ear and he will take me through a thought provoking process to help me get clear on what my goal is and how I’m going to take action to accomplish it. Brian has helped me catch my breath many times whether it’s been a stressful situation or a crossroads in my career.

  • Amanda Penney, CPHR, HR Director

I had the pleasure of working with Brian after being laid off from a long-term position. I knew I wanted a change and Brian helped guide me through this challenging time. He asked lots of questions that inspired me to think about what I wanted for myself and helped me to explore new opportunities. I enjoyed the process very much and developed more self-awareness of my strengths.  His coaching skills were instrumental in helping me to get to a new place in life where I am very happy! Brian is a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him as a Coach! 

  • Rosanne Burke, Owner, Keji Consulting


I came to know Brian for the first time a little over 10 years ago, as part of my employers leadership development program. This was early in my career. Working with Brian allowed me to enhance my awareness of the capabilities and opportunities I brought to my leadership role. Without question, his expertise and coaching set me up for a more thoughtful, reflective approach to my  career than I would have otherwise had the opportunity to pursue.


When I found myself 10 years later transitioning into an executive leadership position, I directly sought his coaching expertise. Brian’s coaching has enabled me to clarify and hold true to the values that are important to me as a leader, and even more importantly as an individual. One of the things I found most interesting about our coaching sessions is that it seemed, through Brian’s thoughtful questioning, the solutions to the opportunities I was facing were already known to me. Our discussions were a way of uncovering more explicitly what those solutions were and why they were the right ones for me.


Brian is personable, curious, and extremely knowledgeable. It is evident that he genuinely knows his clients and cares about their progress. It is easy to trust him because of this. I have no doubt that there will come more transitions, opportunities or challenges in my career where I would again benefit from executive coaching. When that time comes, my call will definitely go to Brian.


  • A confidential Coaching Client


Working with Brian is a pleasure. When I first met with Brian he gave me assurance and confidence that things were going to be alright. He focused on what’s next, as opposed to what just happened. Brian shared tools with me that helped me organize and plan what I wanted to do. He kept checking in, letting me work at my pace. I felt and liked that he held me accountable – for our weekly visits I wanted to have completed what we had talked about the previous week – I didn’t want to let him down.


Brian is very caring, empathetic, calm and confident. He always responded when I asked for advice or his thoughts.

  • A Career Transition Client

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