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Create Leadership Capacity 

Carla Anglehart and Brian Duggan partner to offer a unique approach to working with groups, teams and organizations to support leaders in our changing work environment.


We are small, agile and high contact! Two providers with distinct yet complementary skills; we have a proven track record of delivering high quality programs, services and results to our clients. 


We are both committed to our own ongoing learning and development to ensure we provide current, relevant, evidence-informed programs and services to our clients.


Our Philosophy:

Adult learners bring significant knowledge and experience to the learning environment. Our programs meet them where they are at and build the learners’ confidence while adding to their knowledge and skills. We believe in the individual and group capacity to learn.

We employ action learning – based on constructing learning from experience with actual workplace situations. Building upon the capacity of the participants to learn from their existing competence to enhance and apply new abilities.


In person facilitated sessions to explore content and collective intelligence, using a coaching style of curiosity, appreciative inquiry and supportive learning experience.

A combination of individual reflection, small, medium and large group discussions to establish a sense of safety in the learning environment, to foster critical thinking and to engage learners in meaningful and consequential discussions.

We hold half-day, full-day and multi-day sessions depending upon the depth of learning desired.

Lunch and learn and online sessions provide an introduction to  new concepts and content.

Developmental Coaching to explore individual application of content to workplace situation; breaking down barriers to change; creative problem-solving.

Some of our recent offerings include:

  • Applied Leadership Development for Directors and Managers in a Public Service Environment


Carla’s specialties include:


  • The Art and Practice of Leading Others


  • Optimizing Teams: Practical Strategies for Creating High Performing Teams


  • The Change Cycle tm: Creating Individual, Team and Organizational Resilience


  • Courageous Conversations


  • The Managers Role in Creating Healthy Workplaces


  • Flourishing: On Individual, Team and Organizational Levels


For more information about Carla see:

Brian’s specialties include:


  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias: breaking down barriers to inclusion


  • Exploring Cultural Intelligence: building capacity to work in a multi-cultural environment


  • Conscious Leadership: The Leadership Circle


  • Overcoming Immunity to Change: identifying and minimizing what holds us back


  • HR Practices for the 21st Century: culture, inclusion and resilience


  • Coaching Skills for Leaders: engage through connection


  • Group and Team Coaching: discover new ways of working together


  • Creating an Inclusive Work Environment: identifying uniqueness and creating recognition = Inclusion


For more information about Brian see:

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