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Are you ready for coaching? Ten questions

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Executive Coaching is an investment of time, personal and financial resources. To have an authentic and meaningful coaching experience it is best to be ready to engage fully in the process. It is likely that your coach will ask you to explore new possibilities and to stretch your horizons.

It is important to be ready to engage.

These are ten questions to prepare you for a positive coaching experience.

  1. Would you benefit from a safe and confidential place to talk about your work challenges?

  2. Are you ready to enter an experience to expand and deepen your self-awareness?

  3. Is there a gap between where/who you are and where/who you would like to be?

  4. Are you open to reframing existing challenges?

  5. Are you the leader you aspire to be?

  6. What are the challenges that you face when engaging your team?

  7. How do your values influence your engagement with others?

  8. Would you like to have open-ended and thought-provoking conversations?

  9. Would you like a place to talk about issues you choose not to discuss with friends, family or coworkers?

  10. Are you comfortable working with a coach who is in the process of learning and growing his / her coaching abilities?

Let’s talk about Executive Coaching

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