Reflective Practice and Unconscious Bias for the Helping Professional


12:30 – 2:30 AST

June 16, 2020

The what and why of this workshop invitation

You are invited to pause and explore, in an interactive online setting, the natural human experience of biases that may limit our ability to engage with clients and others.


We will explore the power of reflective practice to help us become aware of our biases and learn ways to minimize their impact on our being with clients.


This invitation is to be part of a safe space where judgement is suspended, and collaboration is evident.

Becoming conscious of the limiting reality of our unconscious biases can move us to greater capacity to be present and create safe spaces with clients, work in teams and become more attentive to the unconscious influences on the work we do.

It is from this place of emerging self-awareness that I invite you to enter a group learning experience designed to expand our capacity to be curious, respectful and authentic with others.

As a group we will explore our explicit biases and uncover some unconscious biases that can limit our view of the world.

Learning objectives


  1. ​To deepen understanding of Unconscious Bias to lessen its impact on our work with others

  2. To learn self-monitoring practices to increase our personal capacity to support others

  3. To build reflective practice capacity to increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness


Some details

  • This is a workshop for coaches, therapists, social workers, educators, facilitators and HR professionals

  • Registration includes the 2-hour webinar and a 30-minute follow-up call with the facilitator

  • Upon registration you will be sent a Zoom link, optional pre-webinar reading and a short online exercise


Professional Recognition

  • International Coach Federation: Approved for 2 Core and .5 Resource CEUs

  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapists Association: CCU eligible

  • Eligible for CPHR Professional Development Credit review

  • Letter of attendance and participation available

About the facilitator


The more I have reflected on my world view and its limiting impact on others the more I have seen the importance of developing the reflective skills to become more aware of my Unconscious Bias. This reflection includes the impact of my race, gender, power and privilege on relationships with clients. It is from this place of acknowledging the influences on my world view that I wish to explore Unconscious Bias and create greater reflective capacity with you.


I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Nova Scotia Registered Counselling Therapist, Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator and the author of Coaching From the Inside Out: A personal approach to coaching for change.


Currently I am a student of Coaching Supervision where I am discovering Reflective Practice to deepen my coaching / counselling and personal presence in service of my clients.


I bring broad experience supporting counsellors and coaches to expand their capacity to create safe spaces for clients to find change in their lives. My role as a facilitator is to create a learning experience that can enhance our professional development by exploring new learning and leveraging our professional, personal, and organizational strengths.


Brian Duggan RCT PCC

Registration and Fees


Registration deadline: June 14, 2020

Early Bird Rates: before June 10th 5 pm AST: $35.00

Regular rates: between June 11th and 14th: $45.00


Register by email:

Please include your name, professional association, preferred phone number.


AND send the payment by:

Etransfer to

PayPal ($3.00 fee added) total $38.00 or $48.00





For other Credit Card payment ($5.00 fee added) total $40.00 or $50.00 please call 902.421.4400

or mail cheque to the address below

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